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Humanitarian Services

It takes nothing in simply being Human. What all we can do is an initiative. Just one life has to be developed by us. Are we able to take on this challenge? If the answer is yes so come and join the hands. Atma Vani deals numerous development drives. Some countable are mentioned below.

Disaster Relief

Are we ready? This question symbolizes real preparation to deal with the never alarming natural calamities and disasters. In these natural phenomenon we lose our dear ones in almost thousand numbers every year. So it becomes a matter of concern for Atma Vani.

Tree Plantation

Are we breathing in an environment that keeps us healthy? The answer promptly known to us is NO. Hence a green nation will bring a health revolution. Keeping this in mind we are doing several plantation drives to the gain of fresh air and soothing greenery.

Future Development Drives

In order to achieve our sole aim, the development of our lovely society we have planned efficiently other related development drives for the betterment of society. We proudly announce these upcoming programs.

Feeding Programs

We at Atma Vani ensure that at least 2000 people in India should not worry about their one time meal, and for this work we will be seeking our volunteers and partners, at more than 30 feeding sites.

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